How Will the Shrinking Job Market Affect Me and My Business?

I have been reading lately about the changing dynamic in the workplace.  There is so much happening and it is happening fast.  I believe we could be woefully unprepared for the fallout.  We have been hearing since the beginning of the industrial revolution that machines will be replacing humans in the workplace.  There is and was some truth to that, but since most people just moved from one skill to another, albeit, some moved unwillingly and slowly, the move took place.  Still, some jobs were shed from the economy.

Solutions to Student Loan Debt

I agree with the premise of the argument that something should be done about student loan debt.

The Single Most Important Key to Career Success in Today's Competitive Work Environment

When I started my career a few decades ago… yes, I am that old, I was very clear about what I wanted.  I took clerical classes in high school which prepared me for what I considered a ‘transitional job’ until I turned 21 and could become a flight attendant.  Those classes served me well.  Not only did I take classes but I diligently practiced my skills on my own time.  I LEARNED a lot about what it took to be a secretary.


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